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Can’t believe it’s been 5 months since I packed my bags and left home. How many adventures I have been blessed with since then 🐳 #gratitude
Love having access to a proper kitchen 😌😌😌 spinach, shaved cabbage and beet and dill salad 🌱🍆 (at Timișoara, Romania)
endless-spark murmured: Hey I really want to travel Europe for like 6 months, so I was just wondering how you pay for your travels? Also, is it dangerous/boring/weird to be traveling alone? Love your pictures! X

I worked every day for 3 months + money I had saved from working on weekends during high school. It’s anything but that (it’s only dangerous if you put yourself in nasty situations if you’re not careful) and I have loved every single moment of it! You’re constantly meeting new people and seeing all of these incredible places. Yes there are some crappy days when all you want is to sleep in your own bed and see your friends for a day but this is one in 100 days of absolute bliss 

gottabeabetterme murmured: Hi :) i completely understand if you don't want to answer this question, but i'm really interested in taking a gap year and would like to figure out about how much money i will need for my travels. For you, how much (rough estimate) did you spend on your gap year? Thanks in advance :)

This really depends on where you want to go, where you are coming from and how you want to travel! For flights from Australia to Thailand, Thailand to Europe then Europe home (which I haven’t booked yet) costs around $1800. I have managed to travel pretty cheaply by staying in hostels, traveling by bus and not eating out too much and have spent about $6500-7000 (this is a guestimate I can’t say exactly) in the last 5 months. Asia was MUCH cheaper than europe so I spent a lot less money there


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Anonymous murmured: Hi anna! I'd love to travel like you are when I'm older, and I was wondering if you planned it out and saved up or was it just spontaneous? I feel like just buying a one way ticket sometimes and going from there, but that's also terrifying.

Hey there! So I booked a one-way ticket 3 months in advance and then worked my butt off until the day that I left to save $$$$$$$ my advice to you…JUST DO IT. Of course it’s scary but you can’t live your life in your comfort zone you have to go out there and do things that scare you because that’s how you learn and grow. You go girl (or boy) 

growingtochange murmured: Hi! I'm going interrailing next week, and it seems like I'm going to a lot of the same places you are: Split, Prague, Budapest and a few others. Do you have any recommendations of things to see/places to go in those cities that are a bit off the beaten track? I.e. the things that aren't in the top 20 on trip advisor etc. I've done lots of research of the main touristy stuff but would love to find some hidden gems too! Thanks :) Hope your trip is going well! xo

Love this question! Sometimes you get to a city and just can’t be bothered seeing every museum/cathedral/old building and it doesn’t always give you such a good sense of the place you’re in! is a good website with posts written by people who live recommending places that are not hugely touristy. Also if you’re game try out couch surfing you can either stay with or organise to meet up with people from each city and they can take you out and show you around all the best places that you won’t find on trip advisor! I’ve done this a lot and absolutely loved it. have fun!