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Hard to have a bad day when you start it off with acai bowls
Anonymous murmured: Where do you sleep when traveling? Are hostels the best/cheapest way to go?

In Asia the best way to go is usually a guesthouse because you get your own room and it’s super cheap and the owners are usually really friendly and help you out a lot. Hostels are great too because you meet so many cool people and save lots of money. Usually it’s not very luxurious though and the rooms are super basic so it just depends how comfortable you want to be! I’m perfectly happy with no air con, 1 power point, temperamental hot water etc

Anonymous murmured: Hi, Anna. I am wondering, are you traveling with your family or friends? It seem awesome that you do traveling. I have one more question, what course is you want to study in the future? :))

Hello Anon, I’m currently travelling with a friend of mine from school for the time being, I may do some solo travel a bit later on though. I deferred from a science course so I will go back to studying that next year :)

naturalli-eileen murmured: Hey Anna! Hope your well and having a great week. Anything planned for the week xx just wanted to pop in and say hey haha

Hey Eileen, that’s so nice of you thank you! Yes I’ve had an amazing week so far, I’m just settling into Pai which is a small hippie village in the north of Thailand. Just hanging out meeting heaps of cool people, a nice Thai man is teaching me the ukelele (!!!) and relaxing in this beautiful town. I hope you’re well too! xx

Anonymous murmured: hi anna- i hope you are having an incredible trip so far. you are literally living my dream, i hope to be able to travel and explore this magical world soon!! i know this is personal, but how did you save enough money to be able to travel? and how long did it take you to save? i literally have no idea how much i need to save to be able to travel :( have a wonderful day xxx

Hey hun, I really am thank you! I can’t recommend travelling enough you absolutely HAVE to do it. There really is nothing holding you back, take a year of study or whatever you’re doing and just DO IT!

Well I wanted to have about $10 000 saved for travelling approximately 6-7 months. I already had about $2000 from working a weekend job during school. Once I graduated I got my ass into gear an worked almost every day up until I left. So about 4 months I think? It was so tough, but so worth it.

For Asian counties you will need A LOT less, I’m budgeting around $2000 for the two months I’m spending in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. But Europe will be a lot more pricey. It also depends on how and where you want to travel. Backpacking is a lot cheaper (and more fun in my opinion) but if you want to stay in hotels and drive around you may need a lot more! Would love to answer any other questions you may have for your trip! x

Anonymous murmured: Hey! How are you affording to go to all those places for such a prolonged time!! It must be so expensive with flights, accommodation, spending money, food etc. If you don't mind me asking, how have you done it? xx

The second I graduated school I pretty much busted my ass working! I didn’t waste my money or time on schoolies either. I had a bit of money saved from working a weekend job during school but from November-April I worked 3 jobs almost every day and up to 15 hours a day. It was absolutely mental and exhausting but seriously worth every single bit! I’m having the most amazing time of my life!

Luckily Asia is pretty cheap and I’m backpacking so hostels/guesthouses don’t add up to much, I’d say I’m spending the on average equivalent of $25 a day all up (including food/accommodation/activities). Europe will be a LOT more expensive though.